How to Earn an A+ on Any Test


According to recent research conducted by Indiana University, most students only study three hours each week.  It’s no small wonder that students experience anxiety when     sitting down to take an important test.  Preparation is a critical aspect of having success in all courses.  It is never too early to get ready for your first test. In fact, the very first day that you enter a classroom you are acquiring information that is essential to your success.  Attending class every day starts you on the right path.  It’s important to note that students who miss more than three classes frequently obtain a grade of “C” or less. 

When you miss a class it creates a gap in the amount of information that you need to master your course.  As you wake up each day make a commitment to attend every class whether it is early in the morning or late in the afternoon.  If necessary, identify a partner who will motivate you on days when you don’t feel like going to school.  Remember your teacher is noticing students who attend class and students who do not.  

You must locate a good environment where you can study and feel relaxed. 

Good places to study include the library, an empty class, a student lounge, an empty cafeteria or a book store.  When you arrive at one of these locations prepare to study right away and stay focused.  Sometimes you should study alone and other times feel free to study with a group.  Participation in a study group works best when a subject is extremely difficult because other students can share valuable information during your group sessions.  Organize your notes so that you are able to maximize the amount of information you retain during each study session. Use your study session to identify problems that are unclear and seek information from other students and your instructor.  There are 10 more things you can do to prepare for your test:


  1. Don’t procrastinate on any of your planned study time.


  1. Say no to friends who want you to give up your study time.


  1. Write down a plan which includes items you need to bring to each test preparation session.


  1. Be prepared to memorize and learn materials using 3 X 5 cards, review class notes, review audio or video tapes or draw pictures to remind you of           important concepts.


  1. Organize study groups at least a month prior to final examinations.


  1. Schedule an appointment to meet with every instructor. Have written questions    that you want to ask your instructor.


  1. Review your text book with greater detail and use a dictionary for words you don’t understand.


  1. Use your notes and textbook to develop your own test questions and practice responding to them.


  1. Go to the library and take out other books to supplement your study session.


  1. Eat moderately before you study to ensure that you have adequate energy to think


When you establish a purpose and strategy for your test preparation you are creating a consistent method to earn an A+.  Try to study a minimum of two hours each day and you will have less difficulty increasing your study time at college.   Remember those who fail to plan are planning to fail. After you have all of the information you need you can prepare with the confidence that you will earn one of the highest grades in your class.  Launch into your study session with a level of enthusiasm and the notes will jump off of the page and into your mind.  Have a positive expectation that your grade point average is the highest its’ ever been.  Investing additional quality time will raise your confidence that you have mastered your final examination preparation.  For more preparation strategies purchase Dr. Stephen Jones’ new book “Seven Secrets of How to Study” by visiting call (610) 544-5480.







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