I found myself in the all too familiar position of trying to help my own daughter prepare for college admissions ... and pay for it! She presented me with a list of colleges that seemed almost impossible to get into, and my mission was clear: Figure out how to turn a "smart student" into an "admitted student." I spent years researching and studying the admissions process, including interviewing high school counselors and former college admissions officers. What I learned was too valuable to share only with my daughter!   

I have since counseled other students on developing a strategy and game plan, identifying and using their hook, creating a college list, avoiding the application pitfalls, and writing an outstanding (although often-dreaded) essay ... in other words, putting together a total persuasive package that stands out from the pack.  It has been overwhelming seeing those students get accepted into their top choices, including highly selective schools, like Duke, Harvard, Notre Dame, University of Texas, University of North Carolina and many others.  My mission remains clear: Help as many students as possible save time, stress and money as they navigate this crazy process to get into the college of their dreams!

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