The definition of writing is really the ability to communicate through the written word. But writing actually takes place in all forms of communication, verbal and nonverbal. Even a facial expression is writing, or a body posture or picture. In fact, rapping, singing, dancing and acting is all writing. They are all a form of human "expression." Just like a pen writes, cameras write. So as parents of "gifted writers" our job is to influence and inspire our children to "express" themselves through the various writing forms to the point of fluency. Fluency means they are always able to execute in written formats and are willing to share their writings for the good of their community. As a professional journalist, author and lecturer, I have been expressing and communicating through writing and speaking for thirty years. Now I move into songwriting and filmmaking as new forms of writing and expression. And once your children understand that writing incorporates all of these fields, it will be easier for them to understand how important writing is not only them personally, but to the community that they will one day write for service.

So... who will be the new "gifted writers" and storytellers of tomorrow? Join our group and learn from myself, Omar Tyree, and other experienced writers methodolgoy for how we all can continue the process of inspiring the next generation to WRITE for the world around them! NOW and not procrastinate for later!

Peace & Love

Omar Tyree

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