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The Centennial High School (CHS) Parent Council for Black Students (PCBS) is a parent advocacy group of the CHS Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA).  PCBS works together with CHS Staff, parents, and teachers to implement programs to help ensure the overall success of students of African descent.  


PCBS works to transform students’ educational environments so that all students can achieve their greatest academic potential. PCBS empowers, equips, and educates parents and students to become better self-advocates by providing the necessary resources that build stronger, healthier and more informed families and community members.


PCBS encourages students to seek leadership opportunities, exercise personal integrity and responsibility, build self-esteem, and be respectful while gaining an appreciation of a diverse cultural heritage.


Our Mission

The Parent Council for Black Students (PCBS) at Centennial High School (CHS) functions in concert with the Howard County Board of Education and CHS administration, teachers, and staff to create an environment where each student may develop to his/her fullest potential. We strive to elevate cultural awareness while promoting high academic achievement and personal responsibility. 


Our Vision

Fair and equal treatment of all children; by promoting their welfare, cultivating diverse relationships, and uniting efforts to achieve the highest level of academic success.

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