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Parent Engagement Discussions are an ideal way to connect with parents who are in college planning process.  Members discuss (online) college planning topics and learn from other parents how to they are preparing their child for college.

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Get smart advice from parents who've been there! There’s nothing like getting the scoop from a fellow parent whose kid has passed through college planning process in high school.  When you join a Collegiate Parent Group, you’ll get real-time advice from parents who’ve been through the college planning process and have some advice to make your own experience seamless.

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As a parent you need to ensure your child chooses the right classes, maintains good grades, participants in the right extra-curricular activities, and achieves high scores on the SAT or ACT. You also need to choose the right school and know how to pay for college. We are here to empower you with all the information and resources you need to prepare them and yourself for the journey ahead. Our college planning courses provide a comprehensive yet affordable college prep consultanting for parents of collegebound kids.

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